As a global manufacturer of precision cold-formed and machined components and assemblies, we bring our entrenched industry knowledge to every single project. Plus, when you partner with us, you can rely on our passion for collaboration and proven track record of bringing value.


EJOT ATF is known throughout the industry for our automotive expertise. We develop and manufacture engineered fasteners, components and assemblies used in a variety of automotive applications. Our niche market products can be found throughout the vehicle interior, exterior, chassis and underhood.

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Our tooling and process knowledge, along with our unique manufacturing capabilities, are valued in various industrial market applications. Whether procured through a distributor or sent direct to an OEM, our engineered fasteners and cold formed components are used in a variety of industrial applications.

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ATF Aerospace specializes in distribution and manufacturing. Our distribution business is focused on outstanding service while reducing your procurement costs. Our manufacturing team specializes in precision, short run, quick-turnaround components and assemblies made from exotic metals and alloys.

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We don’t stop here with our applications.

Here are some of our other markets that we serve:

  • Power Solutions
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • Off Road
  • Agriculture
  • White Goods

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