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Industrial Solutions

Whether sold through a distributor or direct to the manufacturer, we supply a variety of engineered fasteners and cold formed components to the industrial market. Our tooling and process knowledge, along with our unique manufacturing capabilities, are valued in various industrial market applications.

Lawn and Garden

We manufacture products used in a variety of lawn and garden applications. Delta PT® thread forming fasteners are used in lighting applications for lawn tractors and utility vehicles because of their excellent clamp load retention and resistance to vibration losening.

Power Tools

Our products are vital to a variety of electric and gas power tools. We manufacture cold formed special components used in circular saws and thread forming fasteners and misc. components used in a variety of applications for weed eaters, leaf blowers and chain saws.

Commercial Vehicles

From vocational vehicles to semi-trailer trucks, manufacturers use EJOT ATF products in a variety of commercial vehicle applications. For semi-trailer trucks we make cold formed specials that are particulate filters for large diesel engines, formed and stamped seat belt anchors and thread forming fasteners in interior applications.

Office Furniture

EJOT ATF supplies fasteners and components used in office furniture including PT® and Delta PT® thread forming fasteners for seating applications. These engineered fastening solutions are chosen for their superior clamp load and pull out performance in thermoplastic and thermoset materials - needed to surpass rigorous seating validation testing.

Recreational Vehicles

EJOT ATF products can be found on a wide array of recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs. Our automotive quality formed and stamped seat belt anchors are used to anchor the seat belts in larger side by side ATVs that are growing rapidly in popularity with hunters, farmers, fire and rescue and the military.

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