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Automotive Solutions

EJOT ATF is known throughout the industry for our automotive expertise. We develop and manufacture engineered automotive fasteners, components and assemblies used in a variety of applications. Our niche market products can be found throughout the vehicle interior, exterior, chassis and underhood.


At EJOT ATF, we work closely with our lighting customers to develop unique engineered fastening solutions such as thread forming fasteners, gear head fasteners, attachment studs and ball studs. Our joint venture partner, ASYST Technologies, is an expert in the design and development of head lamp aiming and adjusting systems such as compact, mini and motorized gear box adjusters. For help with engineered fastening solutions, lighting adjustment and other motion transfer applications, turn to EJOT ATF and ASYST Technologies for all your needs.


Our engineered thread-forming fasteners and components are used throughout the interior of vehicles from instrument panels to center consoles to door modules. We have extensive experience working on interior automotive applications. Partner with EJOT ATF for help with application testing, samples, boss design, drive types, clamp load and selecting the right fastener to get the performance you need in your next application.


We are seating. EJOT ATF develops and manufactures a broad range of seating components and assemblies used in a variety of automotive seating applications. Our products include shoulder bolts, bolt and crush washer assemblies, couplers, lead screw brackets, spline gear shafts, seat actuation spindles and more. Our joint venture partner, Rifast®, is an expert in clinch fasteners and installation tooling and equipment. Rifast® products can be found in seat rails, seat tracks and side panels. For all of your engineered fasteners, formed and stamped components, assemblies and clinch fasteners, rely on EJOT ATF and Rifast®.

Safety Restraints

We develop and manufacture safety critical components used in air bag and seat belt applications. This includes components and assemblies used to retain air bag modules in the steering wheel during deployment and engineered fasteners that retain the air bag and inflator. We also supply formed and stamped ferrules used in seat belt pretensioners and torsion bars for seat belt retractors which are designed to twist and pay out seat belt webbing during an accident.


EJOT ATF manufactures a variety of braking components used in foundation and brake actuation applications. For foundation brakes, we are a major supplier of caliper bolts and caliper pins used in disc brake calipers. We also supply drum brake adjuster components and assemblies used in drum brakes and parking brakes. For brake actuation, we supply input rods, push rods, tie rods and damper assemblies.


We manufacture a variety of components used in steering columns, gears and pumps as well as electric power steering. Some examples are Altracs® Plus thread forming screws for use in aluminum and magnesium as well as tilt bolts and tilt pins used in both manual and power tilt and telescope steering columns.


We utilize our cold forming, machining and assembly expertise to support our powertrain customers with their demanding applications. EJOT ATF manufactures components used in engine support systems, transmissions, rear differentials and driveline applications.

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