Our Values

EJOT ATF is family. We’re a family business built on entrepreneurial passion and team spirit. Our core values are represented by the EJOT ATF Way. It’s engrained in our culture and serves as a daily reminder of how to treat our customers and each other.

Our family is our dedicated employees.

You’ll see it in the camaraderie in the lunchroom, the “we’ve got your back” helpfulness on the shop floors and the caring attitude in the front offices. Our stable, supportive culture empowers individuals at all levels of our organization. Our core values are expressed in The EJOT ATF Way and we measure ourselves against its principles every day. This, in turn, is what motivates us to work together as a team to provide consistent, responsive service and high-quality products to our customers.



Humility: Practice Servant Leadership

Roll up your sleeves and lend a hand. Don’t hide behind a job title. Put others’ interests ahead of yours.

Dedication: Same-Day Response

Show respect by promptly responding to team members and customers requests.

Integrity: Speak the Truth

Practice honesty, fairness, and professional courtesy to everyone.

Passion: Go the Extra Mile

Make more of an effort than is expected of you.


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