Cold Formed Specials

Whether it's a screw machine conversion or a two piece-to-one piece conversion, partner with EJOT ATF on complex cold-formed specials. As cold forming experts, our goal is net shape or near-net shape with secondary operations. With our application and tooling engineering expertise, we’re able to manufacture parts that others can’t.

Two Piece to One Piece

This part is a gear head fastener for head lamp adjustment and it was originally a two piece design. With our tooling and cold forming expertise, we were able to develop tooling to form this part complete off of a multi-station cold forming machine. Along with the improvement to a one piece design, we were able to move the production of this part to North America and we now supply a family of these parts. It pushes the limitations of cold forming and is a proud showpiece demonstrating our cold forming capabilities.

Machined to Formed

Because of our tooling and cold forming expertise, along with the right equipment, EJOT ATF was able to develop tooling to form the deep slot in this part complete off the cold forming machine. By doing so, we eliminated a costly machining operation as well as the scrap associated with the removed material. This improvement also reduced the complexity of the process routing and the amount of handling. By converting this to a formed feature, we were able to provide our customer with a significant cost savings.

Cast to Formed

This part, referred to as a coupler, originated as a casting and was designed to be crimped to a seat drive spline. The cast parts were cracking and our customer needed a more robust part. With some development, our engineering team was able to design tooling for our equipment that allowed us to manufacture the part complete off the cold former, minus the ears that are stamped. The depth of the extrusion is well beyond what textbooks will tell you regarding limitations of extruding metal in a cold forming process. But, with a strong engineering and manufacturing team, we successfully developed the part and provided the solution our customer needed.

SEMS to Formed

This is a ball stud used in a lighting application with a Delta PT® thread. With our tooling and cold forming expertise EJOT ATF was able to design tooling that allowed us to manufacture the complete geometry of this part, minus threads, all on the cold forming machine. By doing so, we eliminated the SEMS washer operation, the cost of the washer and reduced the complexity of the part. With the cold formed collar in place of the SEMS washer, we also improved true position and perpendicularity for our customer in the application.

Machined to Rolled

This is a cone point stud used in a lighting application with a Delta PT® thread.    With strong engineering, a close customer relationship and the technology that comes with having the latest roll forming equipment, EJOT ATF was able to convert the machining operation used on these cone point parts over to a much faster rolling operation, resulting in a significant cost savings.

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