At EJOT ATF, we’re a leader in developing and manufacturing tight tolerance metal components, assemblies and engineered fasteners. With the combination of our product offerings, engineering support and testing resources, EJOT ATF provides value – and the right solutions for your applications – every step of the way.

Engineered Fasteners

With our wide range of engineered fasteners, EJOT ATF has the right solution for your specific challenge. Manufacturers throughout North America rely on our applications engineering support to design the optimal joint. Plus, our state-of-the art laboratories verify the integrity of our products with data to validate their performance in your exact application.

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Cold Formed Specials

Whether it's a screw machine conversion or a two piece-to-one piece conversion, partner with EJOT ATF on complex cold-formed specials. As cold forming experts, our goal is net shape or near-net shape with secondary operations. With our application and tooling engineering expertise, we’re able to manufacture parts that others can’t.

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Formed & Stamped Components

At EJOT ATF, we have the unique capability of being able to flatten, trim, pierce, coin and bend cold-formed blanks. Our formed and stamped components are designed as an attachment point and provide high pullout strength versus stampings from sheet stock. With our in-house heading, stamping and tooling expertise, we’re able to develop a solution that will work in your demanding application. If you have an application that requires an attachment point to wire rope, rod or threaded rod, we’ll work with you to develop a component that is both economical and strong.

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EJOT ATF and our family of companies have a broad range of manufacturing capabilities that set us apart from our competitors. With our combination of core competencies and expertise, you can rely on us for smart assembly solutions. Take a look at some examples showing our assembly capabilities.

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Aerospace Components

ATF Aerospace is a leader in manufacturing and distributing aerospace commercial and military parts. We specialize in short run and quick turnaround work for aerospace and defense, including aircraft engine, airframe and cockpit avionics, helicopters and rotary wings and missile applications.

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