Formed & Stamped Components

At EJOT ATF, we have the unique capability of being able to flatten, trim, pierce, coin and bend cold-formed blanks. Our formed and stamped components are designed as an attachment point and provide high pullout strength versus stampings from sheet stock. With our in-house heading, stamping and tooling expertise, we’re able to develop a solution that will work in your demanding application. If you have an application that requires an attachment point to wire rope, rod or threaded rod, we’ll work with you to develop a component that is both economical and strong.


EJOT ATF makes formed and stamped threaded spindles designed for applications that need motorized actuation. With our knowledge and expertise in cold forming, machining, stamping, assembly, injection molding and thread rolling, we can help you develop a spindle for your actuation application, whether it requires a one piece, two piece or metal and plastic spindle design.


EJOT ATF makes brackets used in power seat adjusters. Our brackets are crimped to lead screws and attached to the seat track. These brackets are designed to retain the lead screws which are used to adjust the seat horizontally in a power seat adjuster. Our cold formed and stamped bracket provides the pull strength needed for our seating customer to pass the NHTSA crash test requirements.


EJOT ATF makes ferrules used in seat belt pretensioners. The pretensioner is designed to take up slack in your seat belt prior to an accident. The tension applied by the pretensioner secures the occupant in the seat within milliseconds before the impact occurs and the air bags are deployed. Our cold formed and stamped ferrules are crimped to wire rope cable and provide superior pull strength versus a stamped ferrule. This helps our customers to meet their requirements and pass NHTSA crash test requirements.


EJOT ATF makes cold formed and stamped anchors used in automotive, heavy truck and off-road seat belt applications. We manufacture anchors with a variety of bends and shapes for various anchor points which requires our extensive tooling and process knowledge. All of our anchors are crimped to wire rope cable and are bolted to a vehicle body. The part pictured is used to anchor a child safety seat tether.



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