Founded in 1946 and based in the stockyards of Chicago’s west side, EJOT ATF began as a supplier of surplus World War II military fasteners. From this humble beginning, our company has grown and transformed into a global manufacturer of precision cold-formed and machined components and assemblies.

Growing & Expanding

At EJOT ATF, our track record speaks for itself. We’re constantly growing, evolving and expanding, which is reason for our success.

Our focus on expansion began in earnest in 1989, when we acquired Frankfort Mfg, giving us the capability to make our own cold heading tooling.

In 1996, ASYST Technologies was founded and incubated within the walls of ATF and in 1998 they moved to their current location in Kenosha, Wisconsin. By 2015, ASYST Technologies expanded again, doubling the size of its current location.

In 1998, ATF co-founded the Global Fastener Alliance (GFA), demonstrating our leadership in the industry.

Then, ATF and RIBE formed Rifast Systems,LLC in 2000, which gave us a line of licensed fasteners and in-die feeding equipment for use in sheet metal applications in North America.

In response to our customers' growth in Mexico, ATF and EJOT founded EJOT ATF Fasteners de Mexico (EAFM) in San Luis Potosi, Mexico in 2007. It was such a success, we doubled its size in 2012. By 2015, we had outgrown our current building and added a second building.

We’ve also expanded into new markets. In 2011, we acquired Sanair Products, which enabled us to form ATF Aerospace in Mesa, Arizona. In 2013, we expanded ATF Aerospace by acquiring Stellar Aerospace and then again in 2015 with the acquisition of Aero Defense Components (ADC).

In 2012, ATF completed the largest acquisition in its history when we acquired Header Products in Romulus and Rose City. With the acquisition of Header Products we received a large skilled workforce, new capabilities in machining and stamping, needed manufacturing capacity and a presence within the state of Michigan.

In 2023, ATF and EJOT joined forces in North America forming EJOT ATF, LP

We will continue to be a progressive company focusing on strategic growth and expansion and we look forward to making more history!

Key milestones in EJOT ATF history


Accurate Threaded Fasteners founded by Harry Berg


Moved to current location in Lincolnwood, Illinois


Purchased by current owner, Donald E. Surber


Founded Asyst Technologies


Founded Rifast Systems, LLC


Founded EJOT ATF Fasteners de Mexico (EAFM)


ATF forms ATF Aerospace, LLC


ATF acquires Header Products



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