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Licensed Products

  • DELTA PT® | Threadformer for thermoplastics and thermosets
  • FLOWpoint DELTA PT® | Self-piercing and self-tapping fastener for carbon fiber reinforced plastics
  • PT® | Threadformer for thermoplastics
  • EASYboss® | Molded bosses for use with Delta PT in thin walled components
  • VARIOboss® | Molded bosses for use with Delta PT in thin walled high load capacity applications
  • ALtracs ® | Threadformer for light alloys
  • ALtracs® Plus | Threadformer for light alloys
  • FDS® | Flow drilling screw for high strength sheet metal joints
  • SHEETtracs® | Fastener for thin sheet metal joints
  • LO-DRIV® | Threadformer for steel
  • Torx Plus® and Torx Plus® with Autosert
  • Rifast® | Clinch Studs
  • MAThread® and MATpoint® | Anti-cross threading features
  • Taptite®, Taptite II®, Taptite 2000®, & DuoTaptite® | Trilobular thread forming screws for steel and aluminum
  • Fastite 2000® | Fastener for thin sheet metal joints
  • Powerlok® | Self locking fastener that eliminates need for patches or adhesives

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