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EVO PT® : New Self-Tapping Fastener Technology for Direct Fastening into Thermoset Materials

Self-Tapping fasteners are used today in a wide array of materials by design engineers in all manufacturing industries and can be found in almost everything you touch. With the advancement of material sciences in high strength steel, aluminum, plastics with additives, and carbon fiber reinforced materials the challenge of mixed material fastener joints are growing exponentially. New self-tapping fastener technologies are being developed to meet these challenges and offer solutions to design engineers to optimize their design without sacrificing performance and strength of the fastener while minimizing the cost impact.

ATF’s new EVO PT® is the next generation of self-tapping fasteners for thermoplastic and thermoset materials. With it being the first fastener designed completely through FEA analysis it has led to an all new innovative thread shape and oversized lead thread. These designs now make it possible for the same installation torque to be used for the same part, no matter if the same thread engagement is utilized in the application. In addition, these advancements have increased the tensile strength, failure torque, and fatigue strength of the fastener and allow for customers to commonize multiple fasteners in an application to one and thus reduce cost in purchasing, and requirement of multiple tools on the assembly line.

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