ATF Supplier Day


On October 10th ATF held their 2nd annual Supplier Day at Rolling Green Country Club in Arlington Heights, IL.  We had approx. 40 vendor attendees. The theme of the event was Partnership and Continuous Improvement. We presented the State of ATF, Who We Are, What We Do and Where We Are Going along with the planning tools we use to meet our short and long terms business objectives. We also presented on the North American Market Outlook as well as ATF Finance, Human Resources, Safety, Quality, Operations, Materials and the Importance of Our Suppliers. Awards were given out for Top Supplier, Best Delivery, Exemplifying The ATF Way and Best Overall Scorecard. After the presentations we had lunch followed by golf. The weather was beautiful and it was a great day. Thank you to all of our vendors that attended and to all of the ATF employees that were involved to help make it a success.

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