At EJOT ATF, we’re manufacturing experts. We make precision cold formed, stamped and machined components and assemblies and we have a broad range of manufacturing capabilities.

Cold Forming

Cold forming is our core competency – and the foundation of everything we do. Because we continually invest in new equipment to support our ongoing growth, we have the flexibility and expertise to manufacture a broad range of fasteners and cold formed components. Coupled with our strength in tooling engineering, our cold-forming capabilities are endless.


To complement our cold-forming expertise, we also have a broad range of machining equipment that lets us machine headed blanks and bar stock. This enables us to provide unique shapes and tighter tolerances that aren’t attainable by cold forming alone. Our machining process capabilities include pointing, shaving, drilling and broaching.


Our stamping expertise lets us create a stamped part with the added strength and features of a cold formed part. With stamping presses ranging from 9 to 450 tons, we flatten, bend, pierce, trim, broach and tap cold-formed blanks. And, we’re backed by our deep experience in designing the heading and stamping tooling needed to form and stamp features.

Roll Forming

Whether it be a proprietary Delta PT® or Taptite 2000® thread or a rolled groove to retain a spring, we have experienced operators and engineers that understand roll forming. Our mix of rolling equipment and expertise allows us to not only roll threads but to offer alternative solutions to machining such as rolled grooves, undercuts and points.


Whether you need a fastener with an overmolded feature, a shoulder bolt with a plastic washer or a multi-piece metal and plastic assembly, we have the strategic support, project engineering, automation capability and manufacturing processes in place to help you develop value-added assemblies.

Tool & Die

A combination of art and science, tooling design and build remains a focal point at EJOT ATF. We’re experts at tooling design, manufacture and maintenance of tooling. Our expertise in tooling does not stop at cold forming, but is also applicable to our secondary stamping operations and automation.

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