Vision and Mission Statement

The EJOT vision

The Quality Connection 

Companies that seek fastening solutions always think of us first. Applications range from the automotive, building, telecommunication, electrical engineering or electronics industry to anywhere where high-quality fasteners are required.
In each of our international locations we are receiving customer requests asking for our products and know-how. With the help if partnerships and alliances we have a global footprint.
Our employees are going to realise that this is one of the best places they have ever worked.
When anyone poses the question of "who is the best and who is the most well known in our industry"", the vast majority says EJOT.
Because: Converting customer problems into product solutions. That's what we do best.

The EJOT mission statement

This is who we are

EJOT is more than just the company sign, the company premises or our work place. With our way of thinking and acting, we make EJOT what it is today. In doing so, every one of us is part of the whole, contributing his or her personalities, strengths and abilities. Every day anew, with more than 3000 colleagues worldwide.

Customers and partnership

We understand and fulfil the demands of our customers. Customer satisfaction is our job. We focus on partnerships and joint creation of the future. Detecting problems with our clients, working out solutions and developing products based on them is our strength.

People and teamwork

With professional competence and personal responsibility, we create the prerequisite for international success within our team. We learn from each other. Energy comes from the strength and the creativity of our people.

Performance and success

Our strength is our success. Success leads to profitability which is above average for the sector. Thus, we increase our investment ability and provide an adequate return on the invested capital.

Responsibility and leadership

We act in a forward-looking way. Our encounters are marked by social competence and credibility. We enhance ourselves further through international standards. Open communication and mutual trust characterise our cooperation. Growth requires leadership. This includes an aggressive, bold and optimistic planning of objectives with challenging specifications. We require local responsibility and support decentralised decision-making. The local management accepts responsibility for any profit and loss incurred.

Targeted organisation

We live our common goals. We are an adaptable and versatile organisation. We think and act in a process-oriented way. Our form of organisation takes into account the highly important role of projects. We consciously make use of the opportunities offered by modern information technology.

Technological leadership and the future

We are a highly profitable, independent company, open to partnerships. We are an international market leader for innovative fastening systems in our market segments. Starting with our customer-specific problems, we develop the know-how for fastening solutions. We use our specific knowledge to develop new areas of applications. Our innovative products are the basis for the trust of our customers.

Safety and quality

We manufacture and supply high-quality products making use of our international partnerships. We continually measure our performance and therefore secure continuous improvement. We live total quality.

Innovation and target-setting

In order to fulfil our tasks, we invest in the training of our staff, in research and development as well as in our equipment. Our staff participate in formulating the corporate goals to ensure the achievement of both company and staff objectives. When doing so, we focus on our customers as part of our daily work. This is the basis which allows us to achieve above-average returns.

Society and the environment

We bear responsibility within society and set standards with regard to protecting the environment and resources. We support an open dialogue with all social, political and scientific institutions. Our communication creates credibility and trust.

Continuous improvement and innovation

We avoid waste within our business processes by applying the principles of lean production (just in time). Our EJOTOP-Organisation guides and supports this process. Besides continuous improvements we also take advantage of the possibility of innovation. We give our employees the chance to develop and apply their own skills and the security to be a long-term member of the EJOT family.