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Dear partners of the EJOT Group,

the title of this issue of moment gives it away, it is a special year for our group. We
have joined the circle of centenarians. This is a point where we pause, look back, but
also look forward. A year full of activities, projects and celebrations. However, it is
also a year in which the war in Ukraine made it clear how easily things can slip away
and what has been achieved can be jeopardized. So once again, a year that will not
be easy to navigate.

This year, we are also paying tribute to the many activities with this copy of moment,
because instead of two issues, we will only produce one issue in this anniversary
year – but a substantial one! To this end, we have settled somewhere between a
“commemorative magazine” and a look into the future.

Where do we come from? The long road from “nail shack” to a technology and
industry leader in fastening technology is outlined. The discovery of application
technology as a “gamechanger” that highlights the greater benefit of eliminating
expensive processes over the smaller benefit of a ‘slightly lower price’.

In the course of the 100 years, people have always shaped us and led our group on
new paths, which is why we would also like to introduce you to some of these people
in this anniversary issue. It is people that make the difference, because we – and all
our competitors – can use the same raw materials, machines, tools and equipment.
These are usually available to everyone – and yet there is a difference, which we
experience in the finished product or in the product’s development. If all other things
are equal, it is us humans who make the difference. At EJOT this has been a success

We want to courageously continue this into the future: To the next 100!

Yours sincerely

Christian F. Kocherscheidt
Managing Director

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