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    • Grade 1 = largest acceptable particle* = 800 µm (recommended drawing specification: X = 800 µm acc.to VDA 19 / ISO 16232)
    • Grade 2 = largest acceptable particle = 400 µm (recommended drawing specification: CCC = A (I-K00) acc.to VDA 19 / ISO 16232 or X = 400 µm acc. to VDA 19 / ISO 16232)


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Con el registro único, proporcionamos en esta área datos CAD en varios formatos, así como PDF de los dibujos técnicos de nuestros productos DELTA PT®, SHEETtracs® y ALtracs® Plus. Adicionalmente, CAD & más le ofrece la opción de diseñar sus conexiones individuales con la ayuda de programas de pronóstico o verificar su viabilidad con "APPLICATION CHECKs". Además, recibirá folletos de productos actuales, publicaciones técnicas y los estándares de EJOT para descargar.

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Increased customer demands

The standards for the cleanliness of components have been increasing significantly, as even the smallest impurities on component surfaces can have serious consequences in many areas. The areas of possible impact on function or safety include visual defects, e.g. displays or headlight systems, as well as safety related influences such as unwanted contact of electronic systems.

With the innovative EJOCLEAN® programme EJOT has been offering individual customer solutions to use „clean“ fasteners on the assembly line, in order to achieve the best possible cleanliness on component surfaces. To realise and monitor the cleanliness objectives, EJOT employs state of the art equipment and analysis technology.

Reliable processes with EJOCLEAN®

The process reliability of „technical cleanliness“ is guaranteed by modern systematic and statistic processes, as well as other measures.