Productos especiales de ATF

Productos especiales de ATF

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EJOT®La Fijación de Calidad

Brake Components

Foundation: Calipers and Drum Brakes

ATF has manufactured caliper pins for over 20 years, ships millions of cold-formed caliper components annually, and is at the forefront of developing new cold-formed designs.

Actuation: Boosters and Master Cylinders
ATF supplies all cold-formed and machined parts to brake booster systems. The entire linkage, from brake pedal to master cylinder, is supplied across multiple platforms to all brake manufacturers.

ABS Modules
From simple to complex, mounting studs to the more complex ABS cold-formed components, ATF is the leader.

Corner Parts
ATF supplies to every facet of the brake and chassis system, including parts used in the corner assembly. Some examples include bolts that mount the caliper to the knuckle and rotor retention screws.

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ATF understands today steering systems and the safety critical demands being placed on these systems. ATF has many years of experience with manufacturing these tight tolerance components. ATF has the process knowledge and the manufacturing technology for simple to the complex cold formed steering components. We work closely with your engineering team to optimize the steering system design, and implement low cost solutions. We take pride in understanding your application, and are always looking for VA/VE ideas. ATF understands new steering technology and is your steering system innovation partner.
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Safety System Components

  • for Air Bags
  • for Seat Belts
  • for Steering Wheels
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Mechanisms & Assemblies

From simple to complex, ATF Inc. are experts in combining cold formed components with components of other manufacturing technologies, such as metal stamping, plastic molding, and powdered metal to produce assembled components and mechanisms. These products range from something as simple as a stud integrated into a metal plate to form a mounting bracket to a hinge mechanism that combines over a dozen components and performs multiple different functions. Combine this with ATF's automation experience and mechanisms and assemblies can be produced with the highest quality levels and competitive pricing.

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EJOT: La Calidad Une  Este eslogan transmite muy bien la filosofía de nuestra empresa. Por un lado, refleja la lucha incansable por conseguir la máxima calidad de producto. Por otro, más allá del mero aspecto técnico, pone de manifiesto que, para nosotros, las relaciones con las personas son muy importantes tanto dentro como fuera de la empresa.